Skin Treatments


An exfoliating, hydrating microdermabrasion facial


Treatment package to rejuvenate the décolletage

Exilis elite skin

Thermal heat tightens skin and countours the body

Feather touch brows

Cosmetic eyebrow tattooing


Exfoliation which scrapes away dead skin cells

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

IPL can remove hair and treat skin discolouration

TCA Peel

Trichloracetic acid reveals new undamaged skin

LED Light

LED lights stimulate blood flow and healing

Spot Pigment

Spot Pigment Treatment can lighten skin pigment

Skin Needling

Medical skin rejuventation of elastin


The world’s #1 depigmentation treatment

Vascular Laser

Vein lesions are treated with laser

Venus VIVA Scar Revision

Radio frequency technology minimises scars

Pigment Laser Peel

Light-based procedure that targets photo aging

Ultra Lactic Acid Peels

Alpha-Hydroxy Acid resurfaces and hydrates skin

A-Zyme Peel

Retinol and Bromelain improve skin condition

Jessner’s Peel

Superficial peeling treats oily and acne prone skin

Laser Toning Peel

Non-surgical method of skin rejuvenation

Face & Body Peel

Acid derived from almonds controls oil production

Radio Frequency Skin Rejuvenation

Non-surgical solution to improve skin texture

Venus VIVA for Stretch Marks

Radio frequency minimises stretch marks

Ultra Brightening Accelerator

8 brightening agents remove hyperpigmentation

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