Winter Skin

Winter Skin

Although our Perth winters are relatively mild, it is still important to take note of seasonal changes and how it effects your skin!

Quite often during winter, our skin can become dry and dehydrated which can lead to redness, flaking skin and believe it or not – breakouts! These issues generally develop due to a compromised barrier function of the skin, and therefore repair of this barrier function is key!

Our Dermal Therapists key winter skin survival tips:

  • Take note of what your skin is telling you. If it is feeling tight and sensitive, it might be time to step up your moisturiser! Something a little heavier for night time or add in a hydrating serum like Ultraceuticals B2 hydrating serum!
  • Winter is a great time to perform advanced skin treatments like IPL / LASER or a chemical peel.
  • Don’t forget your SPF, even though the clouds are out it’s important to wear your SPF everyday! 80% of the sun’s UV rays still pass through clouds, in fact, patchy clouds can actually intensify UV levels because the radiation is reflected off the clouds’ edge!

If your skin is feeling the stress of the cooler weather and you are not sure what to do – a great idea is to book a complimentary consultation with one of our Dermal Therapists.

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