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Results of Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

A Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) can achieve any of the following:

Refine nose shape

Reduce nose size

Narrow Broad nose

Alter nose angle

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The Procedure

Our surgeons perform Rhinoplasty procedures either in hospital under general anaesthetic (fully asleep) or under twilight sedation in our government licensed Academy Day Hospital (on site at Academy Face and Body). In the majority of cases all incisions are hidden within the nose. The skin is elevated and the underlying bone and cartilage sculpted as necessary. This will allow the removal of a hump, narrowing a broad nose, straightening a deviated nose, refinement of the tip and changing the angle of the nose to the lip. Immediately after the procedure a splint is applied to the external nose for protection and reduction of swelling, and will remain on the nose for 7 days.

Academy Face & Body’s Dr Jayson Oates on Rhinoplasty

One of the most common cosmetic surgical procedures is a nose job, known in the medical world as rhinoplasty. This surgery involves the reshaping of the nose, with the aim of the surgery to create a natural looking nose, that sits in balance with the rest of the face. This surgery is suitable for anyone who has concerns regarding the shape or size of their nose, who has suffered trauma to their nose or may have airway problems.

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“Thank you to Dr Oates and his lovely professional staff
members for a wonderful experience for my first time with
having facial surgery.
Dr Oates performed Rhinoplasty on my broken nose. I couldn’t
have asked for a better job to be done! I am absolutely over
the moon at how amazing it now looks – smooth with no bump!
My breathing is also a lot clearer which is great!
I highly recommend Academy Face and Body!. I trust Dr Oates
and his staff and will certainly be returning if I ever
choose to have something else done”

Shenae Bambalos

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