enhance sensitivity &

with ACADEMY face & body’s prp-shots for women

Results of Academy face & Body prp-shot for women

Academy Face & Body PRP-Shot for women can be used to:

Enhance Sensitivy

Increased Intensity

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The Procedure

The PRP-Shot procedure helps women struggling with sexual intimacy by improving natural lubrication, sensitivity and arousal. These issues can affect women of any age, but tend to increase as we get older. Patients have reported:

  • Greater arousal from clitoral stimulation
  • Stronger and more frequent orgasms
  • Increased libido
  • Younger, smoother vulva skin

Note – Patient results may vary so it is important to arrange a confidential consultation to discuss your concerns and ensure the PRP-Shot procedure is right for you.

Academy face & body’s Dr Jayson Oates & Kym Cullen on PRP-Shots

Kym Cullen NP is one of the few Nurse Practitioners and Doctors in Australia who has completed training in the innovative PRP-shot procedure.
The PRP-Shot procedure was originally developed by Dr Charles Runel, whom was also responsible for the well known Vampire Facial. This PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) procedure, designed to enhance sexual intimacy is now available with Cosmetic Surgeon Dr Oates and Nurse Practitioner Kym Cullen at Academy Face & Body.
The PRP-Shot procedure can assist women by increasing sensitivity and desire, rejuvenating vaginal skin and helping with sexual intimacy.

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