Laser Tattoo Removal at Academy

Laser Tattoo Removal at Academy

If you’ve decided that your once-favourite tattoo no longer fits in with your look, lifestyle or values, there is a way to remove it.

At Academy Face and Body clinic in Perth, we use the Nd:YAG Q-switch laser for our tattoo removal sessions. The laser uses ultra-short pulses of laser energy to gradually break down the ink particles of the tattoo. When the laser is applied to the tattooed area, the ink absorbs the light, which is what shatters the particles. Once the ink particles are destroyed, they’re naturally flushed out by the body.

This specific laser is safe for all skin types, which means everyone can benefit. During your free consultation, your clinician will give you an idea of how many sessions you will need. Each session will be spaced 8 – 10 weeks apart to give the skin enough time to heal.

Once a topical numbing cream has been applied to the area, the laser will be applied to the tattoo. Patients can expect to feel a warm, prickling sensation and will notice an immediate whitening of the skin. This will subside within a few minutes though. Cold air will also be applied to the skin throughout the session to provide extra comfort.

Patients are free to return to work or their usual activities directly after their tattoo removal session but the necessary aftercare instructions need to be followed.

Laser Tattoo Removal FAQs

What can I expect after each removal session?

The treated area needs to be kept clean and dry until the scabs have fallen off on their own. For the first three days, it’s recommended that you keep the area covered with a sterile dressing. You can clean the tattoo with soap and water and pat it dry.

Since the skin will feel slightly sunburned, you may want to use a cold compress or aloe vera gel on the area to reduce inflammation and discomfort. Any aspirin should be avoided as it can cause excess bleeding and bruising.

It’s essential to not pick at the scabs as this can cause the area to scar quite noticeably. It’s also important not to expose the area to direct sunlight for at least a month. Your skin is very sensitive at this time and needs to be protected from harsh chemicals and elements. To avoid infection, stay out of public swimming pools. Keep a general eye on the area and look for signs of infection between your appointments.

When will I see the final results?

Most patients can expect their unwanted tattoo to fade by up to 95% by the end of their treatment plan. However, results differ between patients.

In terms of when you can expect to see a final result, this all depends on the size of the tattoo, the depth of the ink and the colours that are present. In general, patients require anywhere from 4 – 6 treatments, which means results will be prominent after about a year.

We will give you a better idea of the number of required treatments during your consultation.

Are there any risks and side effects I should be aware of?

We will take you through all of the potential risks and side effects during your consultation, ensuring you know exactly what to expect. Some of the potential risks associated with laser tattoo removal, include infection, scarring and skin discolouration. If you follow your clinician’s specific aftercare instructions, there’s no reason why these side effects should be a concern.

Who is an ideal candidate for this treatment?

The Q-switch laser can be used to treat tattoos of all sizes and colours. While it can be used on all skin types, fewer complications and better results are achieved with lighter skin tones. Overall, patients should also be in good health and have realistic expectations about what can be achieved and how quickly. If you’re considering laser tattoo removal, patience is a must.

How should I prepare for a laser tattoo removal session?

Before your tattoo removal session, be sure to avoid sun exposure for at least two weeks. The same applies after your session. Tanning beds and spray tans should also be avoided. Shaving, waxing or exfoliating the area is discouraged before your appointment.

If you want to experience better healing, it’s best to stop smoking several weeks before your laser removal session. Any medications or supplements that thin your blood should also be avoided to prevent excess bruising and bleeding.

Over and above this, it helps to stay as hydrated as possible prior to your session and during your recovery.

How much does laser tattoo removal cost?

The final cost of your treatment plan will depend on how many sessions you require to achieve your desired outcome. This means the cost will be different for everyone. It’s best to schedule a consultation at Academy Face and Body for a professional evaluation.

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