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Results of facelift surgery vary depending on many factors,
and there are many methods of performing the procedure.

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The Procedure

Dr Jayson Oates performs face lifts at the government-licensed Academy Day Hospital on-site at Academy Face and Body in Subiaco, Perth under twilight sedation. Incisions from the face lift are hidden strategically within the hairline and the ear’s natural curve. The deep plane is accessed via these small incisions, the SMAS elevated and skin redraped and lifted into position.

Bandages are applied immediately after the procedure to the face’s peripheral areas. If performed under general anaesthetic patients stay in the hospital for one night. Face lifts done under sedation will go home the same day.

Academy Face & Body’s Dr Jayson Oates on Facelifts

A facelift is one of most common procedures done at Academy Day Hospital. Dr Jayson Oates FRACS is unquestionably a leader in this area of surgery, having carried out more face lift procedures in Perth than any other surgeon. Following his training in the USA, Dr. Oates introduced short incision lifts, also knows as a MACS lift or S-Lift to Western Australia. At Academy Face and Body, we perform the Deep Plane Face light which pulls on the deeper later of muscle and tissue without first lifting the skin to give a stronger face lift with less down time.

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“An excellent experience all round. Dr Oates was
straightforward and informative. The surgery and
post-op experience was hassle free. The staff were
all very efficient and friendly.”

Jane Embury

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