DOT Laser with Academy

DOT Laser with Academy

Fractional Laser delivers micro beams to penetrate into the skin. This triggers a natural healing process in the skin. By delivering the Laser energy in fractional “dots” surrounded by unaffected skin, rather than to the whole skin surface, healing is much more rapid than traditional Laser resurfacing.

The skin is stimulated resulting in a decrease of fine lines, wrinkles, scarring uneven pigmentation and promotes a more youthful and fresher complexion. Because not all of the skin is resurfaced each treatment, multiple treatments (3 – 6) depending on severity of problem and aggressiveness of settings, are required.

The Laser is suitable for all skin types and can be used on any area of the body. Some changes are seen immediately but full results take up to 6 months to show. The treatment may be performed gently to give a rapid recovery over just a few days – but more treatments are required to get dramatic results. Other patients want an intense treatment with longer down time (5 – 7 day) to get results with fewer treatments. The more intense treatments are more uncomfortable, require more post laser care and down time, are more expensive but require fewer treatments.

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