Dermamelan – Crystie’s experience

Dermamelan – Crystie’s experience

I have spent the last 8 years trying to combat the pigmentation that was created within my skin during pregnancy. Melasma is an extremely hard skin condition to treat and control and to date nothing has been permanent or really reduced my visible pigmentation.

On the day of treatment pre procedure photos were taken, my skin was prepared and then the Dermamelan mask was applied to my skin, it feels just like a thick nourishing mask. No discomfort at all. After the application I went straight back to work and wore the Dermamelan for 8 hours to allow it to process. I would recommend going home as the peel is a very unflattering green colour! During the processing time you can feel little tingles every so often, I think this is the peels way of letting you know it is doing its job. During the latter part of the 8 hours the peel began to flake and crack- this is a sign that product penetration is at its optimum.

The final 30 minutes of the peel I was so excited to see what was going on under the mask. I thoroughly cleansed off the mask and applied my Mesoesthetics post care products- this will be discussed with you when you are with your dermal therapist. Initially when the Dermamelan was removed my skin felt warm and looked pink. As the evening went on my face began to turn red and feel very tight. By bed time I was starting to feel itchy.

Day 1 post dermamelan – I woke up feeling very hot, my face looks very red and the pigment on the skin is looking very ‘angry’. I feel and look very puffy and swollen. By the afternoon my skin was looking like it wanted to crack and the skin was feeling very dry- even though I was applying my skin care at regular intervals.

Day 2 I woke up today to the start of the peeling process. It has begun around my mouth and chin then as the day went on the peeling extended to my whole face. Today I wish that I had of taken a day off as I don’t feel that my face is in any condition to go to work. I have been cleansing my skin 4 times today. Nothing is making the skin feel moisturized – the skin feels very ‘thirsty’ for any moisture it can get.

Day 3 I started using the hydration mask today and thank goodness because my face feels like it is on fire. My home care products including the hydration mask are all starting to sting when they are initially applied, but once the skin settles it feels very soothing. I don’t think I have ever seen my skin peel so much before, but on a plus side the redness has slightly reduced now. I am still cleansing 4 times a day and today I have started to use the dermamelan treatment cream with my home care. Tonight I woke up in the middle of the night with a very hot and unhappy face so I got up and applied the hydration mask to try and settle the skin so I could sleep- it worked.

Day 4 Still peeling like crazy, inflammation is still present. All of my after care products are stinging today and making my eyes water a little. I am still cleansing 4 times a day and applying the mask twice a day . Not loving how much I am peel- BUT, I have noticed a reduction in my pigmentation. The excitement gives me the boost I need to get through another day at work while my skin isn’t very happy.

Day 5 Today my skin is extremely irritated and sensitized. All of my homecare products are burning the skin when they are first applied. Inflammation is continuing to decrease and today there is about a 50% reduction in pigmentation. This treatment isn’t overly pleasant but the changes I am seeing within my skin quality and pigment are making it all worth while.

Day 7 Peeling has now slowed to look a little flaky and the redness is settling. I am still not wearing any make up (the tint is the mesoestetics SPF is giving me great coverage as well) and I am now using my home care three times a day.

Day 8-12 The corners of my lips are starting to get irritated now but my face has settled nicely. I am applying stratamed to my lips to help seal and heal. For the first time since becoming a mum I can say I am happy with how my skin is looking and feel confident to not pile on the make up to hide my pigment.

2 weeks post- Recovery and flaking for everyone varies from 7-30 days. I think I am going to be one of those people that will still be flaking around 30 days post treatment. My lips are still very dry but starting to settle. The worst of the healing is well and truly behind me and my skin is looking great and many thanks to the strong salicylic acid in the dermamelan peel my oil flow on my face has regulated!

3 weeks post- My lips are back to normal and my skin has finally stopped flaking. I have 90% clearance of the old pigment that used to cover my face.

Overall the healing process is now completed. My skin is looking amazing. I would recommend to any one doing dermamelan to take at least a week off from work to give yourself a good chance to peel. Make sure you stick to your recommended homecare to get the best possible outcome. I am now waiting til I reach 1 month post dermamelan to have a Healite stem cell facial and to have my botox treatment to finish it all up.

A side benefit of properly injecting botox into the masseter muscles is the jaw slimming effect. Known also as “V-line” jaw contouring – it is highly effective in making the appearance of the jawline more youthful and defined. As people age – the masseter muscles become enlarged and create a “square jaw” appearance. Botox has the dual benefit of not only relieving symptoms of TMJ pain and improving quality of life – but also creating a slimmer and more attractive profile. It’s a win-win and one of the most popular treatments in our practice. See attached photo where this patient received 2 treatments 6 months apart.

Over the next two months I should continue to see the remaining pigment vanish. I am in love already, I have never had results like this before from any treatment trying to reduce the appearance of my melasma.

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