April’s Involvement With The Hunger Project Australia

April’s Involvement With The Hunger Project Australia

We asked April what the highlights of her recent trip to Sanar were, along with why she got involved with THPA…..

Why did I get involved with THPA?
In 2015 I went on a Leadership and Immersion trip to Uganda with THPA. The program was promoted through Business Chicks, a networking organisation for business women in Australia. Part of the trip was to raise $10,000 for THPA, this was a prerequisite before leaving. At first I wondered how could I possibly raise $10,000, but after talking to people about the principles of THP, many people were willing to support my reasons for going.

During the 2015 trip to Uganda I was able to witness the work of THP, especially the epicentre concept which is at the heart of their work in Africa. An epicentre is a building providing necessary facilities to all surrounding villages. The facilities vary in each epicentre according to the communities needs, though most include a food storage bank, demonstration crops, adult literacy and numeracy training, child care, medical centre/birthing suite, minro-finance banking and clean water stations.

Prior to witnessing THP’s work, I always thought that education was the key to ending poverty, however I since learnt that to achieve the greatest impact the approach should be holistic and led by the community. Upon returning from Uganda, I know my life had changed and I was ready to dedicate my time to the course by joining THP’s WA Board.

Highlights of recent trip to Sanar
As head of the WA consortium of investors, the purpose of my trip was to connect investors with the people of Sanar. Each investor gave a short message to the community, which was translated to their local dialect. One of the many highlights was presenting these messages to the community and witnessing the joy and appreciation it created.

The trip was not just about visiting the Sanar epicentre, but also to spend time in the surrounding villages speaking to the locals about how their life has changed since having access to the epicentre. These heart-warming stories were mainly about how small businesses were created from a micro-finance loan and with it, came the opportunity for financial empowerment. This is an instant game changer, especially for women. Once financially empowered, a woman changes the trajectory of her and her children’s life – the cycle of poverty ends.

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