April and Dr Oates’ pledge to transform the lives in the Sanar Community

April and Dr Oates’ pledge to transform the lives in the Sanar Community


Before The Hunger Project’s partnership with the Sanar community, 34% of households in the Sanar community of Senegal lived below the poverty line and only 27% of households had access to clean drinking water. Women, men and children struggled to survive on a daily basis.

After travelling to Uganda with The Hunger Project in 2015, April saw real evidence of the lasting change The Hunger Project makes to communities. Now, April has a bold goal for 2017 and has committed to bringing together a consortium of investors in WA to raise the $200,000 needed over the next 2 years to help Sanar reach self reliance.

These funds will:

  • Build the skills and capacities of local leaders so they are fully skilled, confident and capable of managing the Epicentre’s operations in a sustainable way;
  • Ensure the community can maintain their momentum and pace of development, so they can cross the finishing line and become self-reliant by the end of 2018
  • Create a solid foundation upon which the sanar community can continue to grow, develop and flourish independent of The Hunger Project’s support in 2019 and into the future.

April has been working extremely hard and now only needs $10,000 to ensure that the people of Sanar can achieve self reliance and live lives free from hunger, that are healthy and with dignity.

She has set up a fundraising page here for anyone who would like to help!

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